Retractable Awnings for your home or business

Retractable awnings are always attractive additions for your deck or patio. In addition, retractable awnings can snazz up the outdoor seating of a restaurant or cafe. You’ll love the seating space provided by a retractable awning to enjoy the weather outside while staying covered.

Available in many colors and patterns, retractable awnings showcase the personality of your home or business.


Retractable awnings are made of mesh and fabric for a lightweight design that is also resistant to wind. Reinforced beams consist of jointed and stiff mechanisms to allow the retractability and adjust your awnings. Some technology comes with remote controls and sensors for automatic adjustment.

Benefits of Retractable awnings

  • Retractable awnings fit over your entryways to form a patio, porch, and more!
  • Protect your outdoor furniture form fading
  • Reduce your cooling costs by adding shade to your property
  • Control indoor temperature by airing out your home or business
  • Retractable awnings can be used with a mechanical crank, through a wind sensor, or with a handheld remote control

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